Culture of Transparency and Accountability

We are committed to building a culture of transparency and accountability. This is the key to building bilateral trust between the company and all its stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Policy & Comprehensive NDPE applies to all of our suppliers in our supply chain.

Sustainability Policy

DSN Group is committed to implementing sustainability principles covering Environment, Human Right and Social Security, Business Ethics, and Traceability.

NDPE Policy

Our journey in Sustainability would not have been complete without a comprehensive NDPE commitment. Formally adopted as part of our sustainability policy on 31st March 2020, renewing our commitment towards reducing environmental and social risks and impacts as well as preserving forests through sustainable palm oil production and sourcing.

SPOTT Ranking

As part of its commitment to transparency, DSN Group actively participates in the Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT assessment conducted by Zoological Society of London (ZSL)).

Sustainability Report

At DSN Group, we want to report to our stakeholders our progress in our sustainability journey consistently, hence we propose to publish our first sustainability report for 2020 shortly.

Green Loan from &Green

DSN Group’s commitment to work with &Green to deliver Sustainability and Positive Outcomes is a step up from its stellar track record of sustainable and inclusive palm oil production. In making itself accountable to &Green and various stakeholders, DSN Group is now setting a high standard of transparency, which makes this company’s commitment to sustainable practices unique in the industry.


We always strive to collaborate or participate with various parties that share the same goals as us; to improve the quality of life of oil palm farmers, create a more prosperous palm oil industry, and enable us to better conserve our planet and its resources.