Dividend Information

We paid dividend after approved by shareholders in The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders based on The Board of Director proposal according to the law. The Company’s Article of Associations stated that dividend shared based on company financial ability in accordance with the resolutions in The General Meeting of Shareholders considering business development plan and capital expenditure. The Board of Director has rights to amend the dividend policy agreed by The General Meeting of Shareholders.

The company paid cash dividend at least once a year considering company financial condition as well as The General Meeting of Shareholders rights.

Below is dividend paid by the Company:

 Fiscal Year  Total Dividend  Dividend Per Share  Payment Date
 2018  Rp 104.58 billion  Rp 10  28 Mei 2019
 2017  Rp 104.58 billion  Rp 10  26 April 2018
 2016  Rp 52.29 billion  Rp 5  28 April 2017
 2015*  Rp 52.29 billion  Rp 5  1 July 2016
 2014  Rp 105.98 billion  Rp 50  17 April 2015
 2013  Rp 42.39 billion  Rp 20  4 July 2014

* Stock Split 1:5