Strong commitment in developing our human capital

Human resources development is our basic necessity. We value human resources as corporate assets. Thus, we have invested more time and energy to establish the right system of human capital and prepare competent individual to assume strategic position which shall made the company as the best at its sector. The plan, the action and the allocation of power inherent in excellent human capital shall increase the likelihood of successfully arrived at objectives.

The Company believed that organizational objectives achievement is begin with Human Resources Development by introducing the desired new paradigm at the first stage and then followed by better modified behavior. To ensure the employees behavior is in accordance with the Corporate Values, in 2015 the company develop a program to transform the Corporate Values which started by raising the employees awareness, socialization and understanding as well as its implementation the mechanism of relevant system.



Human resources management refered to the policy which had been determined and applied in Human Capital Information System (HCIS). Currently, HCIS can be accessed both within and


We committed to leverage the employees’ welfare as an element of working motivation by implementing a structured remuneration system and policy to maintain the fairness between rights and responsibilities, performance and reward.


The company consistently held training program and Human Resources Development which design is based on the predetermined Competence Model.


We conduct employee selection in a professional manner, involving independent institution to measure the required competence and qualified both in competence and behavior.