Towards a Leading Wood Product Manufacturer

The wood products business segment have been developed since  the Company was established. From barecore wood production and raw materials from sengon laut wood (Paraserianthes falcataria), the Company has developed into producing value-added wood products, mainly to be exported.

The Company’s wood products is popular in several countries and have received certificates including CE, FSC-CoC, PEFC / CoC, SLK (SVLK), CARB and JAS. As of the end of 2019, the Company has two wood processing plant, located in Pingit (Central Java) and Temanggung (Central Java).

Products produced in the wood industry are panels and engineered flooring. Panels are mostly intended for the markets in Japan, Asia and the Middle East.

Meanwhile engineered flooring is exported to European Countries, Central America, Canadia, Asia as well as the local markets. The advantages of the Company’s engineered flooring products are luxurious, exotic, light, stable, competitive price, and environment friendly.


We produces blockboard and plywood. Blockboard is aimed at fulfilling demands from Japan, the Asian and Middle Eastern. Meanwhile our plywood products are placed on its quality, strength and is environmentally-friendly.The production is aimed at fulfilling the demand from Japan, Asia, the Middle East and domestic market.


We produces engineered floor to fulfill the demand for hardwood floors. This product's advantage lies with its exotic and luxurious appearance, lightweight, more stable, competitively priced, environmentally-friendly of glue and layers, and easy to assemble. This product is aimed at the European, North American, Canada, Asian and domestic markets.