Creating Growth in Sustainable Natural Resources-based Industry

According to Article 3 of the Article of Association, it is explained that the company business sectors cover industry, forestry, farm and plantation, trade, transportation, constructions, and services.

In the beginning, our company business focused on exporting high quality wood processing products. As time passing by, we have grown with another potential business, the palm oil industry and wood product industry. We have developed business structure based on expansion for more than 40 years. This is done in order to directing and optimizing our business management.

The Company currently has two main businesses, Plantation and Wood Products. As a Company, our focus is to ensure sustainable growth in order to create value for the stakeholders through good Corporate Governance and maintain social responsibility within the community we operate in.

DSN Group's current business structure is designed in response to business developments that occurred throughout 30 years of the Company's existence. This business structure ensures that the respective business remain focus and the performance across can be achieved optimally.



We managed our first palm plantation field in the Province of East Kutai, East Kalimantan.Our goal is to produce high quality palm oil products and focus on sustainable palm oil indutry.


We started business in Indonesia focused on wood processing industry by producing barecore products. We grew to become one of the pioneer companies in Indonesia by building integrated factory producing high quality products, such as panel and engineered floorings.