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Plantation and palm oil industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry in Indonesia. The growth of world population that along with increased the prosperity and emergence need of alternative energy source that environmentally friendly as deciding factor in growth of demand for world palm oil product. DSN Group foresight in seeing opportunities have managed to produce a success that involve from the development of companies, which are:

  • PT Swakarsa Sinarsentosa  (SWA)    
  • PT Dharma Agrotama Nusantara (DAN)
  • PT Dharma Intisawit Nugraha (DIN)
  • PT Dewata Sawit Nusantara (DWT)
  • PT Karya Prima Agro Sejahtera (KPAS)
  • PT Pilar Wanapersada (PWP)
  • PT Gemilang Utama Nusantara (GUN)
  • PT Dharma Persada Sejahtera (DPS)
  • PT Mandiri Cahaya Abadi (MCA)
  • PT Prima Sawit Andalan (PSA)
  • PT Dharma Intisawit Lestari (DIL)
  • PT Dharma Buana Lestari (DBL)
  • PT Mandiri Agrotama Lestari (MAL)
  • PT Rimba Utara (RUT)
  • PT Kencana Alam Permai (KAP)
  • Twin Palm Pte. Ltd. (TP)
  • PT Putra Utama Lestari (PUL)

DSN Group managing palm oil plantation East Kutai regency, East Kalimantan for the first time, the establishment of PT DAN and PT DIN in 1997, followed by the acquisition of PT SWA by DSN Group in 2001. In 2002, PT SWA has operated our first palm oil mill of DSN Group. Our second palm oil mill operated in 2010.

Follow by our third palm oil mill in 2011, also our fourth and fifth our palm oil mills in 2012. So far, DSN Group has had 5 palm oils mills with a total capacity of 330 tons/hour, or the equivalent of 1.980.000 tons/year. Each plant has raw material storage facilities, CPO, PK and PKO. Total capacity of the storage tanks for 38,000 tons of CPO. This figure is equivalent to 1.8 months of production in 2012. While the total storage capacity of 2,000 tons PK, equivalent to 0.7 months of production in 2012.

We have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and the implementation of international standards. This commitment we align with local communities to create harmony and success together. We have been a member of RSPO and committed to implement the standards to set out in the RSPO and ISPO. PT Swakarsa Sinarsentosa has managed to obtain RSPO certification on January 10, 2013. And we are determined to obtain RSPO and ISPO certification by 2015 for most of our other plantations. Most of our land reserves have been set aside as conservation areas. We set strict rules to not burn the land (zero burning) in the preparation area and a "zero waste" in the recycling process. We are actively working with local communities in a variety of fields, such as in transportation field, construction, etc, as well as 8.989 Ha plantation areas under our Plasma Program. It is proven to increase the welfare of society.

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